“When I started out with my rebrand of a new business, I thought I just needed a logo and branding colours, to do some development work on who I am and what I offer and I would be good to go to have some branding photography done.  Because of what I saw others doing with branding photography, I thought that all I needed to do was book a shoot and have lots of lifestyle photos taken.

I was really nervous about investing in branding photography again, as I had a branding photoshoot in the past and I didn’t like the end result.  The photos didn’t feel like me and I even had clients say that they didn’t look like me.  And the last thing I wanted was to have another expensive bunch of photos that I wouldn’t want to use.

I nearly didn’t go with Liz and was considering someone cheaper, but something was gravitating me back to her. Liz was able to help me hone in on my personal brand and what was missing (which I wasn’t aware of!)  and she really understood what I wanted.

Going through Liz’s process before having the photoshoot was one of the best things I have done in discovering who I am as the face of my brand, what makes me unique, how to have confidence within myself and my business, what it means to have a planned out vision for my images and how this enabled me to be confident in front of the camera. 

The moment everything “clicked” for me was when we discovered my marketing spin “Unbreakable” and everything for my brand fell into place – my story, my differentiator, my uniqueness, the look and feel of my vision for my images and I knew that it would truly resonate with my ideal client.   I was so excited and felt so confident!

I’ve loved working with Liz. She hasn’t just been my branding photographer, she’s been a business mentor and most importantly a friend. I’m now a big advocate for personal branding photography, but the most important part of it all is the development work and the planning, otherwise you’re not going to get the desired results. By doing the work before, not only do you really get amazing images and get to understand who you are, but it also fuels passion, motivation and determination within your business – all things that entrepreneurs need!

My images were better than I could ever imagined, and I’ve had so many amazing compliments – not one person has said ‘I don’t think they really do anything for you’ like they have before!  I’m so excited about my brand and to show it to the world!”

Alex Storey - The Unbreakable Entrepreneur

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